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Trail Team News and Upcoming Trail Events

October 17, 2010 by bikekor

 Hey! Just wanted to send out a quick re-cap of Tuesday night's trail meeting. Thanks, everyone, for finding your way down to the bonfire at the NBB volleyball courts. Some of you have some pretty interesting tales of wandering helplessly around the brewery, nearly missing the meeting, then suddenly being met by an angel offering free beer and smiles :)

OCTOBER 23rd (NEXT WEEKEND!) - Final Bobcat trail day
     * This is a biggie. Steve's got all the permissions, tools, and plan to build a 60 foot bridge. All we need are helpers! So far we've got at least 8 people signed up "unofficially" - Doug B, Brent U, Rob F, Ryan Z, Paul S, Jen K, and Pete S. I might have a few more in the works too. The more the better. In fact, I'll go ahead and post a new event on the Member Resources page of the OMBC website for the "official" sign up (points! points! points!)

NOVEMBER 6th - unofficial Pineridge/Maxwell Sign Placement day
     * The only reason it's unofficial is that we can't be 100% certain that the signs will be done by then, but from what the signmaker has told us over and over, it should only take two weeks to fabricate them. Covey is all over this, and making sure that they know we need them for this trail day. The signs are BEING MADE RIGHT NOW! Once things are looking more like 99.9% certain that all the materials will be ready for the 6th, then we'll go ahead with an official (last-minute) trail day announcement and sign up list. For now, please email me if you think you will be available to help out on that day. Essentially we're digging holes and securing 15 sign posts in the ground.

    * Submit all receipts to Josh if you haven't already for any trail day expenses so we can get those into the budget and figure out what we have left for the Pineridge trail day and for the end of the year party. 

We are excited to bring all of the land agency staff together in one room for a huge "thank you" from the OMBC trails committee. We want to genuinely thank these fine folks for letting us play on their land, for being so open to working with us in making headway on trail projects this year. This is an incredible opportunity for all of us to have some face time with these important individuals who directly impact what this trails team is able to accomplish. We'll be inviting few key people from the City, State, County, and Federal agencies. Right now we're tossing around the idea of meeting at Avo's or perhaps reserving Backcountry Provisions. Other ideas??? We will be talking details at the next meeting.

     * TUESDAY, November 9th.

     * Location TBD. Since we'll be talking budget specifics, we'll be somewhere a bit more "meeting-like" (i.e. not roasting chestnuts over the open fire) so we can hammer out these numbers and get some good planning accomplished. Probably Cafe Vino.

As always, feel free to call me anytime!

Be well,



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